Annual General Meeting 2020: Online 20th October

Having been forced to cancel the scheduled AGM in April, the official meeting took place over Zoom on Tuesday 20th October, starting at 7.30pm.




Election of Officers and Committee

The committee election will be done as a block unless there are any objections to this. The current committee comprises:

  • Steph Tyler – honorary president
  • Rachel Morgan – chair
  • Carol Cook – secretary*
  • David Llewellyn – treasurer
  • Clare Adamson
  • Judith Caruthers
  • Sarah Cheese
  • Dick Coates – warden, Wet Meadow
  • Marilyn Dunkelman – membership secretary
  • Pam Manfield – press officer
  • Steph Poulter – ponies

*Carol Cook will be leaving the area in the near future but has agreed to stay on the committee until a replacement can be found for the position of secretary

The officers nominated to continue as officers are therefore: Rachel Morgan – chair; Carol Cook – secretary; David Llewellyn – treasurer

One nomination has been received for Clare Catto to join the committee.

Conversion to a CIO: the proposed constitution and details of the conversion are covered here

All members of MMG are entitled to attend and to vote at the AGM. This year voting will take place on the proposal to convert to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), and to elect or re-elect members of the Committee. There will be a short report on the activities and financial position of the group.

The main business of the AGM will be followed by a Question and Answer session with the Committee. These can be on any relevant subject: for example, advice on meadow management, information about our events and activities, or questions about our policies and procedures.

If you have any questions you would like to ask please submit them in advance if possible: contact the Membership Secretary, Marilyn Dunkelman, or use the Contact Us form on this web site. There will also be an opportunity to comment and pose questions during the meeting.

Toasted Waxcap (Jon Dunkelman)

The Committee greatly appreciate the support of all our members and hope you will be able to join us online on 20th October.