Grassland Fungi: A Field Guide – Second Edition

The first edition of Grassland Fungi: A Field Guide, published in 2017, has been a great success. Since then, Elsa Wood and Jon Dunkelman have continued to survey grasslands in the Wye Valley and Monmouthshire, photographing and recording their finds. This new edition includes the results of that extra research, with 23 new species and many new and even better photographs to help identification.

This new edition now has descriptions of 200 species of fungi, with over 900 photographs, selected to illustrate the key identification points. There is an overview of the process of identifying fungi in the field, and while technical terms are kept to a minimum, those used are explained in the glossary. The format is A5, 400 pages.

As for the first edition, there are additional photographs by Malcolm Schuyl and Keith Moseley and the production editor was Marilyn Dunkelman. The cover design is by Gemma Wood, and the book is published by Monmouthshire Meadows Group and printed in Bristol by Whitehall Printing Company.

The book can be purchased from the distributors NHBS using this link for a retail price of £19.99. ISBN 978-0-9576424-2-3

See also our Grassland Fungi Online Photo Collection: a set of images taken by the Grassland Fungi team made available online as an additional resource to complement the Identification Guide