Trellech Wet Meadow

Trellech Wet Meadow is a Local Wildlife Site managed jointly by Monmouthshire Meadows Group and Gwent Wildlife Trust. Located in the centre of Trellech, six miles south of Monmouth, the site comprises five fields, 24 acres in total, lying between Roman Way, Trellech Surgery and the B4293 to the east and Red House Farm land and Wet Meadow/Loysey Wood to the west (scroll down for a location map).

View from the Pew in Wet Meadow: Ray @lliswerryguy

The majority of the site (19 acres) is flower-rich grassland with a wealth of species: Green-winged, Common Spotted and Southern Marsh Orchids, Betony, Devil’s-bit Scabious, Dyer’s Greenweed, Harebells and many more. In autumn, tlarge numbers of Pink Waxcaps and other grassland fungi can be found.

The remaining 5 acres contain bogs, streams, pools and woodland. Pendunculate Oaks form an avenue, hosting Wood Anemones, Broad-leaved Helleborine any many other species. Large yellow Kingcups (Marsh Marigolds) fringe the streams in spring.

The site is crossed by two public footpaths, and a suggested walking route is shown on the information board that takes visitors around a full circuit of the site. It is also just a short walk from New Grove Meadows, the Gwent Wildlife Trust reserve that was selected as Monmouthshire’s Coronation Meadow – one of the most important grassland sites in the county.

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Dick Coates is our volunteer warden at Wet Meadow, and when the local church was undergoing refurbishment, he suggested obtaining one of their redundant pews as a bench in the middle of the fields. From there walkers can take a rest, with a wonderful view of the surrounding countryside.