Ida’s Meadow, Maryland, The Narth

Four Acres Map v2
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Our second reserve, following the purchase of Kingcoed Meadows in April 2016, is Ida’s Meadow in Maryland, The Narth, NP25 4QJ, grid reference SO 519 059

Many of our long-standing members will remember the beautiful meadows at Four Acres in Maryland, which has been one of our open meadows on several occasions over the years.  This was the home of Ida Dunn, a founder member of Monmouthshire Meadows Group.  Ida was passionate about caring for her land.  She passed away in 2014, aged 102, and her executors kindly decided to give one acre of the land to MMG.  The land transfer was completed in 2016, and we became the proud owners of the field we have named Ida’s Meadow in her memory.

Ida’s Meadow is rich in wild flowers and has one of the best displays of Greater Butterfly Orchids in the county.  There are Harebells , Devils’-bit Scabious, Lousewort, Tormentil and Wood Horsetail among many other species.

The view of Ida’s Meadow from the road verge
Ida at her home, Four Acres

Our land covers about an acre to the left of the drive to Four Acres house, and we have installed a display board close to the road.  If you wish to visit the meadow, please note that the driveway to Four Acres house is not our property, so please keep to the road verge and look over the low wall.  The best place to park is in the forest parking opposite the Maryland turning rather than driving down the lane.

We are very grateful to Ida’s family for donating the land to us, and we know that Ida would be delighted that her precious meadow was being managed as she would have wanted it.