Meadow Advice

When you join Monmouthshire Meadows Group, one of our botanists will visit your site to do a survey of the wildflowers already present, and to give you customised advice on managing your land. Join MMG here

MMG has published a leaflet with basic advice on Managing Grassland for Wildlife. It is available to download here.

Information on collecting your own Yellow Rattle seeds

There is a lot of help and information available from other sites. In particular the national charity Plantlife has a site devoted to creating and managing meadows: Plantlife’s Meadows’ Hub

For advice on contractors to use, where to get equipment and seeds, have a look at our Contractors and Suppliers list

If you have any specific questions, you can contact our committee

Advice from other organisations

Habitat management guides: Buglife

Restoring Grasslands with Green Hay or by Harvesting Seeds: Defra

Habitat Management Advice for Local Wildlife Site Owners: Gwent Wildlife Trust