Hay & Manure Exchange: PONT’s New Project

PONT_logoPONT,  the Welsh organisation promoting grazing for the benefit of wildlife, has set up a Hay Exchange on their website.

The aim is to help people who need or want hay or farmyard manure to  get in touch with each other.  This will support people who are creating and managing traditional hay meadows by finding an outlet for their products.

The webpage  www.pontcymru.org/en/pont-hay-exchange has a registration system where people can enter the details of what they have or what they need. This includes information about the type of meadow e.g. flower-rich, organic etc. and the type of bales etc.

We encourage MMG members to join in this excellent scheme.  Register first on the PONT site and add a listing each time you have some hay or manure to offer (or you are looking for hay/manure).