Gwent Wildlife Trust Grazing Questionnaire

The Gwent Wildlife Trust is investigating the need for a grazing project in the Trellech Plateau area of Monmouthshire. Your help in completing this questionnaire will enable us to decide if a grazing project would help address some of the issues involved with managing meadows.

Please Return Completed form to
Tim Green
Farm & Wildlife Development Officer
Gwent Wildlife Trust
Seddon House
NP25 4DY

Or by email to Tim Green .

1. How much land do you own/manage?

2. Does the land have any designation? (SSSI or wildlife site – what number is it) ___________________________________________________________

3. Is the land currently grazed? Yes/NO

4. If yes by what? ____________________________________________________

5. Is the land currently cut for hay/haylage? ____________________________________

6. Do you own your own livestock? YES/NO

7. If yes what type. ______________________________

8. What are the barriers to you owning your own livestock?
Lack of fencing YES/NO
Lack of Water Supply YES/NO
Lack of time YES/NO
Lack of experience with livestock YES/NO
Other ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

9. If livestock were available, would you be willing for them to graze your land? YES/NO

10. What type of livestock would you want grazing your land?

11. Would you be willing to pay for someone to graze your land? YES/NO

12. Would you be willing to check on livestock 2 or 3 days a week when they were grazing on your land? YES/NO

13. Would you be willing to fence your land at your own expense so that it could be grazed?



14. Would you be willing to attend training courses? YES/NO
(For example livestock checking)

15. Are you planning to enter into the Glastir or Organic farming schemes? YES/NO

16. Do you have any other comments ? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Thank you for your time.

Name ___________________________________________________

Address _________________________________________________





Tel. ____________________________________________________