Wildflower Seeds

PlantWildAt MMG we always advocate leaving your grassland to see what grows naturally, but often it does need a bit of help.  If you are going to plant seeds, please make sure they are of local provenance.  We can provide some Yellow Rattle seeds each year, and we hope to have some seed harvested by Gwent Wildlife Trust at all our stalls through the summer (see our Events page).

If you want to buy seeds that you know are local we suggest PlantWild in Herefordshire:  plantwild.co.uk.  They collect seeds from around this area and will provide local seed for sowing this autumn.  This year they have harvested from Shirenewton and Maryland, including from some MMG members’ land. They also have an MG5 mix from South Herefordshire and an MG4* from Llandrindod as well as a little Welsh upland seed from last year, harvested near Abergavenny.

*MG5 and MG4 are classes of grassland under the National Vegetation Classification (NVC) system

  • MG5 – Unimproved neutral grassland, including traditional hay meadows
  • MG4 – Floodplain meadows.  These would have been found throughout Britain’s river valleys 100 years ago