Need Help with your Bracken?

Kate MM pic of Kipp bracken crushing 9243949615_dd33fd6cef_z
Kate’s Ardenne horse Kipp crushing bracken

Bracken is the scourge of meadows. It spreads via spores and underground stems and can out-compete other plants, dominating the field. Grazing animals will avoid it as it contains toxins.

To control Bracken it is helpful to use a Bracken-bruiser, a sort of roller usually towed by a quad bike or tractor. This bruises the Bracken and weakens it but you need to do this at least three years running, ideally in July.

A novel way on steep hills where the use of a tractor would be difficult would be to hire Kate Mobbs-Morgan’s two Ardenne horses which pull a Bracken-bruiser. Kate is based near The Hendre and she would not charge mileage to take one or more horses to your field but she does charge a day rate of £195.

If you are interested do let us know because if several people are in the same area, that would make life easier.

Contact Stephanie Tyler at MMG if you are interested, and have a look at Kate’s web site for more information on the Ardennes.

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