Support The County Pollinator Policy

bees_for_development2It’s not too late to support the County Pollinator Policy.  Below is an email circulated to MMG members from Bees for Development who have set up a petition to support the Council proposal to reduce verge cutting. MMG has been supporting the reduction in roadside cutting together with Plantlife and other wildflower conservation groups.  If you haven’t already please consider signing the online petition.

Monmouthshire County Council Proposed Pollinator Policy

An excellent proposal is being considered by our local Council to reduce roadside verge cutting and to create more bee and pollinator friendly planting schemes.  Road safety will always remain their first consideration.  At a Council meeting last week, a petition with 120 signatures against the Proposed Pollinator Policy was presented.

Bees for Development is backing the policy and requests your support to ensure that the Policy is implemented.  Please help in one of these ways:

1.      Sign our online petition:

2.     Send an e-mail, individually or on behalf of your organisation, to Councillor Phil Hobson.   e-mail is

You can read the proposed policy and download a letter in PDF at

There is a possibility that this Proposal will not go ahead, so please express your support and encourage other people in your network to do so.

Monmouthshire has a real chance to prove its commitment to caring for pollinators.  We hope that other local authorities will follow their good example.

Thank you

Nicola Bradbear
Director, Bees for Development
1 Agincourt Street, Monmouth NP25 3DZ
United Kingdom Tel  +44 (0)1600 714848

The Bees for Development Trust UK Registered Charity 1078803
We help vulnerable communities in poor countries to achieve self-sufficiency through beekeeping.

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