New Leaflet on Managing your Grasslands for Wildlife

MMG and Gwent Wildlife Trust have jointly published this lovely new leaflet with essential information on managing species-rich grasslands.  It includes all the important points about caring for your hay meadow or pasture, and answers the questions that are asked most often about encouraging wildflowers and the wildlife they support onto your land.

Download the leaflet as a pdf

The leaflet has been designed and written by Clare Adamson and Steph Tyler of MMG and funded by GWT with a grant from Monmouthshire Natural Assets Project.

2 thoughts on “New Leaflet on Managing your Grasslands for Wildlife

  1. I really like the grassland leaflet. Is it possible to have some paper copies that we can give out to people who visit us and are interested in promoting or having a meadow themselves.

    It would be good if you could produce another one for the rather different target audience of people who want to create a mini meadow in gardens and residential spaces – both urban and rural. The aim would be not only to create more meadows but also to get people on our side so we have more political and public support for the cause.



    1. Thank you Ruth. We’re pleased it is useful. We’ll send some paper copies to you.

      GWT obtained the funding to produce this leaflet. I agree, it’s a very good idea to do something about mini-meadows in gardens and we’ll certainly think about doing that, but as usual it comes down to being able to cover the cost.



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