New Grove Named as Coronation Meadow

New Grove Meadows, together with the adjacent field at New Grove Farm (congratulations Pam & Peter!), has been named as one of the first 60 meadows across the UK to be a flagship in Prince Charles’ Coronation Meadows campaign, recognition that this is one of the UK’s outstanding wildflower sites.

The aim of the Coronation Meadows project is to raise the profile of wildflower meadows and to encourage people to create more.  Donor seeds and green hay from the identified meadows will be used to recreate meadows nearby.

In addition, Plantlife, the Wildlife Trusts and Rare Breeds Survival Trust (RBST) will be working collaboratively to compile a full list of the UK’s remaining wildflower meadows.

The project has already had national publicity this morning (5th June), with features on television and radio and in the press.  There is news on the BBC website and a map of the meadows chosen so far on the Coronation Meadows web site.

We think Prince Charles has chosen an ideal way of marking the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s coronation.

New Grove Meadows is a Gwent Wildlife Trust reserve.  You can visit the reserve, and the private meadows next door at New Grove Farm, on our Open Day on 16th June.

New Grove Meadows, Ray Armstrong

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