Flora Locale Workshops

Flora locale run events for anyone involved in the design, management and restoration of wild plants and habitats for biodiversity, landscapes and people, whether on a farm, smallholding, village green or garden.  Here’s a selection from their autumn programme:

Good practice in managing ancient trees  – Wednesday 17 October
Location: Burnham Beeches, Slough    Course Ref: SE7
This day is aimed at owners, site managers and tree workers who may be called in to advise on tree management. Burnham Beeches is at the forefront of ancient tree management and staff there have an excellent track record of managing ancient oak and beech. Participants will be introduced to the relationship between tree development, ageing and decay and will be shown how to relate this to practical tree management

Restoring and managing old orchards and fruit trees: orchard pruning  – Wednesday 31 October 
Location: Malmesbury, Wiltshire  Course Ref SW3
This course seeks to teach practical skills to anyone interested in restoring, managing or promoting old/heritage orchards. Concentrating largely on  apple, pear, plum (gauge/damson) and cherry but including medlar, quince, nut and mulberry. The day will be delivered in the field looking at the natural history of orchards, identification skills, the aims of pruning. Selection of stock, soils, sites and situations, plant health, harvesting and storing of fruit.

Habitat management for lower plants and fungi  – Tuesday 6 November
Location: Cleeve, North Somerset   Course Ref SW4
Aimed at trainee botanists, ecologists, environmental consultants and others working in the ecological and environmental sectors. Participants will learn about the diversity of lower plants and fungi, especially in the management and/or development of ecologically important sites. The day will provide an introduction to undertaking a preliminary assessment of a site for bryophyte, lichen or fungal diversity and discuss methods of managing land for these groups.

Moorland restoration – Tuesday 13 November
Location: Buxton, Derbyshire   Course Ref  N5
Workshop Fee £110 /concessions £85 including lunch for this event
The course will focus on blanket bog and wet heath. It will be equally applicable to the uplands and much of the lowlands, but will focus on the uplands. We will discuss plants and hydrology, looking at the factors that affect the plant communities and wetness and examine ways of restoring plant diversity and water tables. We will mention the other ecosystem benefits in terms of carbon sequestration and storage, downstream flood management, reduction in water colour and think about how the restoration might provide a more robust habitat to resist climate change.
Workshop fees are £100 per person (£75 for concessions) unless otherwise stated.  For further details and booking on www.floralocale.org or call 01672 515723.

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