Million Ponds Project – Looking for Sites

Pond Conservation are running the Million Ponds project which aims to create a network of new ponds across the UK for the benefit of endangered freshwater plants and animals.  They are looking for sites for new ponds, and Wales Pond Officer Anna Bransden has sent the following request for help:

“You may already be aware that over the last three years we have been running Phase 1 of the Million Ponds Project, a pond creation scheme that provided training, advice and funds for the creation of an extensive network of clean water ponds around England and Wales.  We are currently entering Phase 2 of the project which aims to build upon the success of Phase 1 by ensuring that Britain once again has one million ponds across its landscape.

In order to do this we are currently looking to identify further sites where the creation of networks of ponds could take place in the future. Specifically we are looking for sites where the landuse is non-intensive or natural/semi natural resulting in the pond having a clean water source.  Places where there is a high risk of agricultural run off or run off from roads would not be considered suitable.  We are looking for sites where a number of ponds could be created and we are also looking to create ponds for conservationally important species.

We have already consulted with CCW and other organisations on this subject and now I am writing to you to ask if you know of any sites that you think would be suitable for pond creation and that would benefit wetland plant species.  Alternatively, perhaps you know of sites that are no longer suitable for a particular plant interest and that require management to restore them to the correct conditions.  We would also be very interested to know about these sites as well.

If you know of anywhere suitable then please get in touch with me
either at or on 07738 564128.

Anna Bransden

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