Meadow Seed Distribution 2012

Picture of Pentwyn Meadow by Keith Moseley

Tim Green of Gwent Wildlife Trust has gathered meadow seeds from their lovely meadows at Pentwyn and New Grove using the jointly owned GWT/MMG seed harvester. Some of this seed will be available for us to distribute to MMG members in a few weeks time once it has been dried.  Priority will be given to members with species-poor fields or to members establishing new meadows. If Steph has surveyed your field and suggested sowing seed as part of her management advice – do contact her to make arrangements.   If you would just like some meadow seed, please also let Steph Tyler know and we will do our best to please everyone.

We will also try to collect separately some Hay Rattle seed.  This is the semi-parasitic plant that is very effective in reducing the vigour of grasses, making it easier for the flowering plants to establish.  Please let Steph know if you would like some Hay Rattle. The plants seem to have shed seed earlier than usual this year so supplies may be limited.

All seeds will be available in exchange for a donation to Monmouthshire Meadows.  There is no fixed price but last year commercially available meadow seed cost £12 for 200g and £35 for 1Kg, plus delivery charges.  We don’t have high costs to cover so would be happy to provide the seed for something less than this.

It will help keep our transport costs down if members can arrange to collect their seed rather than have it delivered.  If the seed is ready by the time of the Monmouth Show, then there will be an option to collect it from our stand in the CPRW tent.  However, if collection is not a possibility, do let us know and we will make other arrangements.

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